On 27 August 2019 a meeting was held at the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW), between Deputy Minister Nikolay Kanchev and representatives of the Branch Association of Polymers (BAP), on the initiative of the MEP Andrey Slabakov.


The main topic was the transposition of the adopted Directive (EU) 2019/904 of the European Parliament of 5 June 2019 on reducing the environmental impact of certain disposable plastic products.


During the discussion Tsvetanka Todorova – Chairman of the Board of BAP emphasized that BAP insists that the deadlines for transposition of the Directive should be as light as possible for the polymer industry, so that plastics processors can be reconfigured, paying attention to: the imperative change on a legislative basis, and the construction of a sufficient number of composting facilities for disposable waste from biodegradable polymers, methods for reporting the fulfillment of the objectives of the Directive, the allocation of funds from the manufacturer’s extended liability, methods for certification of biodegradable and recyclable materials, and products, proving the percentage content and quality of recycling, insisting on the participation of BAP in the working group of the Ministry of Environment and Water.


Dencho Denev (Noviz AD, Plovdiv) offered a grace period for the articles in the prohibition list and paid particular attention to the lack of control over the sale of polymer products.


Rumen Ivanov (ZHU-BG EOOD, Gabrovo) spoke about the huge losses that Bulgarian producers will bear and raised the question of how they will be compensated.


Theodora Zhelyazkova (“ATE PLAST” Ltd., Stara Zagora) emphasized the need for dialogue between MoEW and BAP and stated that large trade chains should also be involved in the debate.


Deputy Minister Nikolay Kanchev asked for concrete proposals BAP invited to participate in the activities of the working group at the Ministry. He stressed that very soon, major legislative changes are ahead of the European Directive. He explained that due to the expected losses, it was suggested that Bulgarian producers receive interest-free loans.


In turn, MEP Andrei Slabakov emphasized the need for an information campaign for separate collection of plastic waste. He explained that he had begun the study of European funds and programs that could possibly support Bulgarian producers.