V&T Trade started the production of food packaging in 2009, and since then it has been continuously increasing its production experience and capacity, developing and enriching its product range.


In the last few years, the company has purchased and implemented in its production facilities operating on the basis of the most modern technological solutions. This allows the production of high quality foils, which are thermoformed plates and containers for food packaging. The materials from which the offered set of packaging solutions are made are in a wide range: PP, PET, PET / PE, ARET, and also PLA.


All manufactured food packaging is suitable for various applications and fully complies with the food safety requirements regulated in national and European regulations.


The company has focused its efforts on the production of functional and efficient packaging that minimizes its impact on the environment. In this regard, it uses recycled raw materials for the production of packaging, which can be easily recycled 100%. The most modern technologies have been introduced, allowing maximum use of recycled materials, while minimizing energy consumption and fully utilizing technological waste. In this way, 100% recycled PET material is processed for the production of PET packaging and foil, 100% food contact and 100% recyclable. The technology is approved by the EU.


The manufactured food packaging fully complies with the latest EU requirements and trends for optimizing the use of plastics, resource efficiency and environmental protection from plastic waste.


In pursuance of the strategy to provide safe and innovative food packaging solutions that meet the most precise standards in terms of hygiene and sustainability, the company has successfully acquired and maintained the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials of the British Retail Consortium (British Retail Consortium-BRC), with level A in the High Hygiene category.