“Global Recycling” Ltd. is the owner of the only in Bulgaria and the third in Eastern Europe Installation with know-how technology for recycling waste from PET packaging and production of PET flakes. The machines are manufactured to order by the German company STF Maschinen&Anlagenbau GmbH.


The capacity of the installation is 3t/hour of incoming raw material and 2t/hour of outgoing product. The STF technology is included in the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) Register. The finished product of “Global Recycling” OOD is used in the production of thermal foil and preforms for the production of bottles. The recycled product is sold throughout the European market and some Asian countries.


The company has an equipped laboratory that issues a quality certificate for each Big Beq with recycled PET flakes. “Global Recycling” Ltd. has been issued a permit by the Ministry of Education and Culture for the recycling of waste from PET packaging.


The company has issued certificates for “Final Recipient” from the German deposit system , the Israel Depository System and the Australian Depository System.