„ZHU-BG“ Ltd was established in 1990 under the name EF  “ZHU-Stefan Vodenicharov”. Since 1993 it started production of single use plastic products: cocktail straws, cutlery. Over the years, the company has expanded its manufacturing and trade nomenclature and today offers a wide range of disposable supplies: plastic, paper and bamboo. In addition, the company manufactures consumables for agriculture and various consumables for the cosmetics industry.


In 2008. the company has been transformed into “ZHU-BG” Ltd.


The following technologies are used in the production process: Extrusion of straws, profiles for greenhouses, foils; Thermoforming of packaging, plant pots, seedlings; Vacuum molding of cosmetics pads, blister packs; Injection of plastic parts; Advertising – making custom dropstops, banner ads and brochures.


Standard products are just one section of the rich product range. The company also executes individual projects for specific products of end customers.


“ZHU-BG” Ltd has a modern production base in Gabrovo and a sales office and warehouses in Burgas.