Thrace Ipoma became a member company of Thrace Group in 2004. Until that time it had established a strong position in the market of SE Europe under the name Ipoma S.A., a part of the packaging division of Frigoglass. It was originally founded in 1982 as a state owned company.


Nowadays the company develops production lines in two segments:

  • Injection moulding production
  • Big Bags production / FIBCs


The company has a workforce of more than 200 professionals, operating in private owned facilities of 12000 sq.m. In terms of quality it works according the EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 standards. On a yearly basis the production capacity exceeds 8000 tons of polymer.



  • Rigid packaging (pails, containers), Crates (general purpose, soft drinks and beer), Chairs, Stadium seats, FIBCs, Big Bags.


The products are intended for industrial use; food, chemical and paints production idustries; meat, bread and agricultural processing; fertilizers and bulk materials handling etc.


The main markets of Thrace Ipoma have traditionally been Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, but over the last decade they succesfully expanded and sell all over Europe.