Assenova Krepost Jsc was founded in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria in 1964, specializing in the manufacturing and trading of polymer packaging and materials.


The company has over 50 years of experience in the production of flexible polymer packaging – transportation and consumer goods foils, agriculture and construction films, and more than 20 years tradition in production of woven bags and flexible containers of polymer materials.


Technologically Assenova Krepost Jsc closes the entire production cycle from polymer row material to finished products, successfully applying the following processes:

  • extrusion of monolayer and multilayer foil materials with different compositions and properties;
  • extrusion coating and reinforcement; dry and wet cashing;
  • multicolour flexographic printing;
  • various types of confection and sets.


The main products of the company are woven containers, woven bags, polypropylene baling twine, biaxially oriented polypropylene foil – packaging for the food industry, combined packaging and multilayer packaging for sausages, stretch foil and polypropylene cast foil.


Assenova Krepost Jsc is certified under ISO 9001, which is guarantee for well-organized quality control of products. Company production is well known in the country and the international market.