MONPLAST Ltd. has existed and operated for more than three decades.


Its main activity is the production of plastic products, mainly stirrers for vending machines. They offer 3 sizes of stirrers, fully satisfying the consumption and the requirements of the market.


The production base is located in the village of Popovitsa, 27 km east of Plovdiv, located at the junction between two main roads to Bourgas and Svilengrad.


The company has fully automated injection molding machines and packaging machines, made especially for the needs of “MONPLAST” Ltd.


The new products made of BIO degradable plastic are fully compliant with the Directive (EU) 2019/904 of the European Parliament on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. They are made entirely from renewable sources. After use, they will be “eaten” by soil multiflora and fauna and decomposed to carbon dioxide and water. In this way, Montplast strives to protect the environment and prevent the felling of trees.


The company works with high quality equipment, constantly updates its inventory to be able to guarantee 100% quality to its customers!


The quality of the products is officially approved with a certificate from the National Health Inspectorate and protective industrial design.