Branch Association Polymers (BAP) is a non-profit organization, representing the companies operating in the plastics converting industry in Bulgaria.

At national level …

Branch Association Polymers represents the only one organisation in Bulgaria covering the broad range of technologies/products/final markets of polymer industry.

The Association actively monitors the changes in the Bulgarian and European legislation for the plastics processing industry and by protecting the interest of the business cooperates with the Bulgarian institutions in the drafting of the legislation in the country.

Branch Association Polymers is a member of BIA – Bulgarian Industrial Association, CEIB – Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria. In the years BAP strengthened its positions as a competent and loyal partner both  at domestic and international scale.

The general objectives of our activities include introduction of Bulgarian companies in the polymer industry (mostly these are SMEs) legislation and EU standards directly related to the sphere of their activity. Plastic processors have a permanently stained reputation that the products they produce are dangerous to human health and the environment. Although plastics products are subject to the most restrictive control measures.

Paradoxically, these measures raise concern among consumers and strongly weaken the position of the manufacturers of plastic products in the market. Therefore, businesses are in a situation where the more they have to adhere to the new legislative measures, the more they need to invest in restoring consumer confidence and improving their competitive position and market growth.

Companies in the industry need an organization representing their interests and which is able to provide services and activities that fully meet their needs for current and comprehensive information to promote the positive image of the industry, which it presents to local authorities with aim to strengthen the competitive position of enterprises in the market and increase their sales in the EU.

At international level …

BAP is an active member of European Plastics Converters – EuPC and of the Mediterranean advisory board of PlasticsEurope – Organisation of polymer producers in Europe, which includes the nationally represented associations of Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Turkey and Romania. During the regular Board meetings are presented summaries of the economic situation of the industry, the top priority topics for the industry that need European lobbying through PlasticsEurope, waste management in Europe, the zero waste strategy of landfills by 2020, upcoming events.

The Vision of BAP is to work for increasing the competitiveness of its member companies through presenting the plastics converting industry at European level, bring benefits for plastic converters trough BAP membership at the European Plastics Converters Organization (EuPC) and strengthening of fair-play relations between stakeholders in the plastics industry.


BAP performed a set of communication activities used to defend and promote the interests of the plastics converters and other companies, operating in the sector and to contribute for the positive performance and presence of Bulgarian plastics converters at the world market.

BAP is the voice of the plastics industry to the media and the general public – citizens, professionals and young people. Our mission is to inform and teach young people to preserve the environment, to take action for rational use of energy resources and climate protection.

Achievements of BAP

■ ■ ■

1. BAP takes a neutral and balanced position with responsible institutions, businesses, partners, the media and society

2. There are established team work of BAP

3. The management of BAP is sustainable and financially balanced

4. Quickly and opportunely respond to situations related to business protection activities

5. BAP is a partner to the Mediterranean advisory board of PlasticsEurope

6. BAP established long-term collaborations with experts from state structures

7. BAP has signed memorandums of cooperation with universities and research institutes

8. Our events are reflected in leading Bulgarian media

9. We manage to negotiate preferential terms and prices for exhibiting companies and group visits

10. Opportunities for staff training in professional schools in Turkey and Italy for the position of “Technology Engineer”.


The main objectives of the association are:

  • To represent and protect the interests of companies in the polymer and plastic converting industry at local and European level;
  • To promote fair and equal relations on the market;
  • To work for increasing the competitiveness of its member companies;
  • To promote the positive image and benefits of the use of plastic products;
  • To monitor and work on the changes of Bulgarian and European legislation related with production and processing of polymers.

We achieve our objectives through:

  • establishing and maintaining good communication with government bodies and NGOs;
  • acting proactively;
  • lobbying at local and European level;
  • participation at projects, commercial and industrial exhibitions, conferences;
  • relying on proven professionals in various fields.