Benefits of membership in BAP

Together we are stronger

BAP works on established practices in the developed countries to represent the unified voice of the industry to the Bulgarian institutions. We are in a period of dynamic change and only the united business can defend its interests.

Lobbying and representation

BAP works in close cooperation with the competent authorities in the country, which relate to the activity of the companies in polymer branch. By joining the Association, you can actively participate in the preparation of opinions and requests to these institutions.

Access to a database

BAP maintains and constantly updates its database. Thanks to its membership in EuPC and its partnership with PlasticsEurope, the Association develops contacts with other nationally represented associations of the polymer industry. Through our association you will get access to professionals and companies in the various sectoral groups in the industry.

Access to information

Our members receive current information about BAP’s activities, contacts, events, and results. For this purpose, the team of BAP periodically issued electronic newsletter.

Promoting your business

Membership in BAP provides a good platform to promote your business and increase your sales.

Participation in projects

We are constantly looking for opportunities to fund projects and initiatives for the benefit of our members.

Membership Discounts

All BAP members receive a discount when participating in events organized by BAP, incl. seminars, conferences, trainings, etc.

Partnership for Circular Economy, Sustainability and Competitiveness!

Join us!

Membership conditions

To become a regular member of BAP it is necessary for the company to develop activities in the field of processing, trade and / or recycling of polymers, as well as to accept the Association’s Statute.

The necessary documents for applying for membership in BAP are as follows:


1. Application for admission as a BAP member addressed to the Management Board of BAP (in the attached file);

2. A brief presentation of your company profile, the owner and your vision of your future development.

After submitting the necessary documents, they shall be sent to the members of the Management Board of BAP for consideration and approval of the first scheduled meeting of the MB. After the meeting we will send you a notification letter for the decision of the MB.

Thank you for your interest to work together!