Carboplast Ltd offers polymers of highest quality with proven origin. The company places its focus on PVC compounds as it represents the Italian company – TPV Compound, for Bulgaria. This company is a leader in the formulation and production of rigid compounds for extrusion and injection molding applications.


Their different types of polymers have application for the production of extruded, molded and blow molded products. The company has availability of polymers for specific client needs.


Carboplast Ltd offers to its clients with Calcium Carbonate. Coated, Uncoated, Talк, in various granules sizes for different sectors and applications. Calcium Carbonate Application Calcium carbonate is widely used as an extender.


The company offers polycarbonates which are amongst the most widely used industrial thermoplastics. Polycarbonates are hard, strong, tough and transparent, showing good resistance to alcohols and diluted acids