The Institute of Polymers at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IP-BAS) is a  member of Branch Association Polymers. It is a research unit within the „Nanosciences, New Materials and Technologies“ Division of the Academy. IP-BAS is a leading Bulgarian center in the field of polymer science. Its activities include fundamental and applied research, expert activities and training of PhD students in the field of polymers and polymer materials. Ever since its foundation in 1990 the Institute purposefully has been seeking recognition as a center of excellence and integration into the European Research Area.


The mission of the Institute of Polymers is to carry out research and education/training in macromolecular sciences that are relevant to the development and application of polymers and polymeric materials. Its research policy is in accordance with the priority of the European Union for knowledge based economy. The institute is realizing successfully the model based on knowledge accumulation and education via scientific research and its transformation into new technologies and products to meet adequately the requirements of the society.