Plasttrade Ltd. is mainly engaged in processing and recycling of polymer packaging. The production of the company is located in the town of Pazardzhik.


The constant modernization of production and improvement of the company’s technology has established it as one of the best recycling companies for polymers in Bulgaria. Plasttrade Ltd. buys its plastic raw materials in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European directives. Plasttrade has implemented ISO 9001; 14 001; 50 001. The work process passes with high quality control of the input of raw materials, subsequent sorting by type and recycling of plastic raw materials. The finished products are grinders and granules of PP (polypropylene) and HDPE (high density polyethylene).


The high quality of the production is the main priority of the company. Plasttrade products are applicable for the production of closed and open loop parts for plastic products, which produce their final part through technologies such as extrusion and injection molding.


One of the leading goals is the active promotion of the utilization and reuse of plastics, the saving of resources and energy, for a better and cleaner environment.