Akumplast Jsc is a private company founded in the early eighties of the 20th century. The main purpose of establishment of the Company is the production of plastic batteries made of polypropylene.


Akumplast Jsc produced the first polypropylene battery in Bulgaria, replacing used until than ebonite boxes. Since than until today it is specialized in producing polypropylene boxes, lids and accessories for lead acid starter and traction batteries.


In the first years of the 21st century, the company expanded its product range. Currently produces rigid plastic packaging – crates for food industry, agriculture and other industries.


In production are implemented a number of technical goods made of engineering plastics such as PA, ABS, PS, PC, PMMA, EVA, etc.


Akumplast Jsc has a capacity for producing of injection moulds, which provides an opportunity to close the entire production cycle from 3D modeling to producing of the final plastic product.


The company takes its responsibility for protection of the fragile ecological balance in the environment, as recycling 100% of the technological plastic waste and from external sources.