KINTRADE LTD is the first producer of foamed polyethylene and bubble film in Bulgaria and was established in 1997.


The company guarantees quality and requests in time owing to the installed high tech new lines for production of two type films.




Foamed polyethylene:

– thickness of the film from 0.5mm to 70mm

– width – 1.00 m, 1.20m, 1.50m, 1.80m

– variants of stacked with HDPE, LDPE, Aluminium film, Bubble film


    *Bubble film:

– with density from 50g/m2 to 250g/m2

– width to 2600mm without agglutination in length

– layers of the film – to 7-8 layers

– we offer stacked with HDPE,LDPE, Aluminum film, Paper, EPE

– anti static bubble film


* Bags and separators of bubble film and foamed polyethylene in all sizes