On July 4 and 5, 2019 in Helsinki, a meeting will be held between the EU Ministers responsible for Competitiveness. Although the appointment of a special Vice-President for Industry is expected, the polymer industry in Europe remains united in a Joint call to the Heads of State and Government.


Branch Association Polymers supports this united initiative by signing the joint paper on the positioning of industry at the core of the EU’s future with a Joint call to the Heads of State and Government to:


• Urge the next European Commission to shortlist industry as a top priority of its 5-year Work Programme and appoint a dedicated Vice-President for Industry;
• Require the next European Commission to swiftly present an ambitious long-term EU industrial strategy, which shall include clear indicators and governance;
• Take stock, each year at the Spring European Council, of progress in the implementation of this EU industrial strategy, and provide political guidance to foster European competitiveness.


With the signing of this document, BAP, together with the rest of the polymer industry, relies on proactive and coordinated leadership to ensure that Europe remains a hub for a leading, smart, innovative and sustainable industry, that benefits all Europeans and future generations.


Please read the entire document here:   A Joint call to the Heads of State and Government