Branch Association Polymers is a registered cluster of plastic converting and recycling companies in BG which also includes academic and research organisations in the field of polymers. The cluster is categorized by the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises under procedure BG16RFOP002-2.009 “Development of clusters in Bulgaria” as developing.


Our focus is on strengthening cohesion, partnership and cooperation among cluster companies, research and academic institutions. We aim at an in-depth understanding of the whole of the value chain for polymers  production with a view to sustainable development and economic effectiveness and to contribute towards the development of companies and maintaining employment by anticipating changes and the emergence of new technologies.


We work to establish a structure where members can work in together on the creating synergies, implementing new products and technologies, introduce innovative product portfolios on the local and international markets, and develop successful cooperation by implementing common projects.


We aim to:

  • create a communications network in the industry (micro-companies, SMEs, large companies and groups), academic and private research and those involved in training, both initial and ongoing,
  • increase efforts to innovate through a pooled approach,
  • encourage and support the emergence and running of collaborative research and innovative product projects.


Our Mission is:

  • To provide technical and professional support to plastic and polymer branch, by dissemination of quality, technical and specialized information, leading collaboration between companies in sector, in order to promote innovation and improved competitiveness and networking.